The Star

The Star Points provide lessons for the Three Great Lights of the Order of the Eastern Star: Charity, Loving Kindness, and Truth. These mirror the Three Great Lights in Masonry: Truth, Relief, and Brotherly Love. The Star Point Heroines are central to the Order of the Eastern Star and its teachings:


Each heroine was selected because a certain phrase in each of their lives paralleled a certain phase in the life of Christ. Four of the five Star Point Heroines are used to symbolize the seasons:

  • Spring – or youth of life of Adah
  • Summer – abundance and growth of Ruth
  • Autumn – harvest time ; full maturity of life of Electa
  • Winter – end of year, or lifetime, one must rely on faith in eternal life of Martha

The five points of the star are also referred to as the Central Jewels or Floral Center. The “Beatitudes” which are found in the fifth Chapter of Matthew, can also be associated with the Five Star Point Heroines: Adah, the sixth; Ruth, the third; Esther, the seventh; Martha, the second; Electa, the eighth.  Here is further explanation for each Star Point along with the Biblical reference for the story, the colors, symbols, jewels, and emblematic flowers.

AdahADAH – Judges 11: 1-40

The first of the Star Point heroines.
Shares lessons of duty of obedience to the will of God
The name Adah does not appear in the Bible. She is referred to as Jephthah’s daughter. “Adah” was the name given her by the founder of our Order, Dr. Robert Morris.  She represents the Ideal Daughter because of her sense of duty and her devotion to her father. The name Adah means “Ornament.” Although the name does not appear in the Bible it is an appropriate choice. Not only may it be said that Adah’s innocent spirit and faultless character were her own personal ornaments, but she was a daughter who so exemplified these virtues as an ornament to her father’s life.

BLUE: The clear blue of the skies is the color dedicated to the first Star Point. It is the symbol of fidelity, loyalty and intelligence.

VIOLET: The violet is dedicated to Adah because of its association with meekness and humility.

SYMBOL: The symbol for the first Star Point is the Open Bible. It was to signify that only the Word of God may direct the individual in the right way in which to go.

JEWEL: The turquoise or the blue sapphire are used to represent the virtues of Adah.

SEASON: Adah represents the SPRING of the year. Her life is representative of the early womanhood of life.

The story of Adah challenges each of us to carry throughout our lives, the innocence and sweetness of a young girl and to approach our life problems with the enthusiasm and willingness as Adah approached the problems she had to face.

EMBLEM: The emblem for Adah is the Sword and Veil. It represents the concept that the sword must sometimes be taken up in the defense of right and in the performance of duty.

RuthRUTH – Book of Ruth

The second of the Star Point heroine. Shares lessons of Honor & Justice.  The name Ruth means “friend.” She represents the “Ideal Widow” because she cherished her family, faith, and inheritance of her husband above her every personal ambition, her original native allegiance, and her originally heathen religion.

YELLOW: The color yellow represents “constancy,” “exalted,” and richness. Ruth is definitely characterized by a strong and radiant personality and therefore the “color of the sun” is dedicated to her.

JASMINE: The yellow jasmine is dedicated to Ruth because it has a meaning of “humbleness.”

SYMBOL: The symbol of the station of Ruth is the Lily of the Valley. It is said, as Christ, the Lily of the Valley, left his heavenly home and His Father to serve humankind on earth, so Ruth left her home and people to serve her fellow man in strange and unfamiliar country.

JEWEL: The yellow Topaz which is very rare is the jewel dedicated to Ruth. A friendship such as Ruth and Naomi is a rare “gem” and well worth treasuring.

SEASON: Ruth represents the summer season. The time of growing and maturing of life itself.

The story of Ruth challenges each of us to serve our fellow man and to extend the hand of friendship to those in need.

EMBLEM: The sheaf is the emblem dedicated to Ruth. It represents the collective worth of many small deeds of kindness which are done for the sake of another.

EstherESTHER – Book of Esther

Esther is the Third Star Point Heroine. Shares lesson of Loyalty to Family and Friends. Her name means “star.” Her intercession on behalf of the Jewish people was a “star of hope and enouragement.

WHITE: The color white is appropriate to Esther because though crowned a queen, was beautiful and wealthy, she succeeded in remaining pure, upright, and simple. Her life and actions were free from blemish in every way.

White Lily: The beautiful white lily symbolizes purity and peace.

SYMBOL: The symbol for the 3rd Star Point is the “SUN.” It is the source of light, power, and strength and symbolizes the leadership of Esther which made her the strength and power of the Jewish people.

JEWEL: The diamond is the jewel chosen to represent Esther. Her character was flawless, her standards and beliefs durable, and her life was a great value to her people.

EMBLEM: Crown & Scepter. The Crown symbolizes the highest honor and obligation, the Scepter represents great power.  Together they symbolize the forces of power and authority to insure justice to all.  Esther represents the Ideal Wife. She succeeded in fulfilling her duty to her husband but also maintained her high standards and performed her duty to God and her nation.


MarthaMARTHA: St. John 11: 1-57

Martha is the fourth of the Star Point Heroines.  She shares the lesson of Faith and Trust to God and everlasting life.

Martha represents the “ideal” sister. She assumed responsibility for the care and comfort of her brother Lazarus and her sister Mary. Martha’s name means fortitude, abiding and instructed by God. Martha had the fortitude to maintain her faith, even upon the death of her brother, and by abiding in the Word of God as instructed by Christ.

GREEN: Deep green represents the color of Martha’s station. Green, which symbolizes renewed life and growth is the symbol of new life which is eternal for all men through Christ.

FERN: The fern is a symbol of the endlessness of eternal life.

SYMBOL: The symbol for the 4th Star Point is the lamb. In this time, the lamb was symbolic terminology for Christ.

JEWEL: The jewel to represent Martha is the emerald. It is said that the emerald insures all kind of domestic happiness. Ancient superstition held that the emerald possessed certain medicinal properties.

SEASON: Winter is the season which represents Martha. Martha represents the knowledge that the winter of mortal life, or death, comes to all.

EMBLEM: The emblem symbolizing Martha is the Broken Column. Martha’s faith in God’s promise of eternal life through faith in Christ remained constant even when her brother’s life was taken by a mortal death.

ElectaELECTA: 2nd Epistle of John l: 1-13

Electa is the 5th Star Point Heroine. She shares the lesson of charity and hospitality. Electa represents the “Ideal Mother.” She sacrificed everything to establish a Christian heritage for her children. Her name means “honorable Lady”, and “called of God.

RED: The brilliant red represents fervency, hospitality and love.

RED ROSE: The deep red rose is symbolic of love. It represents Electa’s love of family, her fellow man, and Christ and God.

SYMBOL: The lion represents Electa as a symbol of power and strength and her devotion to Christ.

JEWEL: The ruby is dedicated to Electa. It represents her warmth, love, and sacrifice.

SEASON: The season dedicated to Electa is autumn. Autumn represents the period of full maturity in the lifetime of an individual.

EMBLEM: The cup is the emblem of Electa. It represents one’s allotted portion of life’s joys or sorrows.

The ideals of Electa are Love and Hospitality. These characteristics may be emulated by acting with love toward one’s fellow man, and by loving Christ and God with all of the mind and heart.

Interesting fact about the Star Points: The term Triangle of Battle refers to the triangular steps formed when the Star Point Stations are used as the apexes.