Why Join?

Q. Is there any social involvement?
A. Yes. The Chapter has numerous fun activities for all members and their family and friends. Usually, the Worthy Matron (head of the chapter) has a number of social events to supplement her planned activities.

Q. Just what is Fraternal Life?
A. The Order of the Eastern Star provides us with a means of compassion and concern, not only for our fellow Sisters and Brothers in the Order of the Eastern Star, but to ourselves, our Country, and our faith. In addition, it enters us into a way of life that all of us inwardly want for ourselves and our families.

Q. Is there any fraternal friendship?
A. Both women and men join a Fraternal Order to make friends and enjoy the fellowship that is displayed. Members and their families can enjoy interacting with others who share their beliefs.

Q. Will I become a better person?
A. Yes. The Order of the Eastern Star takes a good citizens and makes them even better. We continue to be central in the development of the American promise of human opportunity and personal fulfillment.